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1 Down, 8 To Go

In order for us to reach a national championship, we will need to win 9 games in a row with 3 in the Big 12 Tournament and another 6 in the Big Dance. We took the first step of the 9 step process today by overcoming a sluggish first half to beat Boomer Sooner 64-47. At intermission it was only a 2 point game at 28-26, but Kansas out-talented Boomer Sooner the second half and quite possibly ending their season. A positive thing to say about Boomer Sooner, which will be few and far between here at Rock Chalk Talk, is they have a great young coach in Jeff Capel and in a couple of years they will be an NCAA Tournament team. You can only do so much with so much talent and they overperformed just to get to the 16-15 mark.

I watched the game really quick, FFing up to the last time I had checked the score (46-29) and can't really comment on the play of anyone. Rush had a great second half and led our balanced attack with 16 points. Darrell Arthur had a great game off of the bench as well after being non-existant recently, posting 10 points and 3 rebounds.

Next up is Bobby Huggins and the Wildcats who got a much needed win today against Texas Tech. I really think that the Big 12 should get 5 bids now in Kansas, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and now Kansas State receiving those ever-valuable dance tickets. K-State need a victory tomorrow against our Jayhawks to feel safe on Selection Sunday but I really think they've done enough to get in.

Once all of the Big 12 action is complete I will post the day in review as well as make some predictions for tomorrow's semifinals.

Rock Chalk!