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Boomer Sooner: Part Deux

With Oklahoma's 68-63 victory over Iowa State in the first game of this year's Big 12 Tournament they set up a rematch with the Jayhawks. About 10 days ago we survived a close 67-65 battle in Norman which was the last game we have played away from Allen Fieldhouse. They were led by Nate Carter's 22 points and 9 rebounds over 38 minutes of playing time while shooting 12-13 from the free throw line. Both him and Taylor Griffin (11 points and 7 rebounds) are very good free throw shooters that you want to keep as far away from the charity stripe as possible. This loss will likely end the Cyclone's season as they don't have nearly the resume for an NIT bid even.

I won't be able to watch tomorrow's game live but am Tivoing (that really should be a word) the game and will hit you with my thoughts once I watch the recorded game. Anyways, let's break down tomorrow's matchup, what could likely be the last of Oklahoma's season. Just one word of caution before we get going with the preview, an 8 seed has already beaten a 1 seed in the power conference tournaments. Earlier today the Cal Golden Bears edged past UCLA 76-69, giving the Bruins their second straight loss and furthuring (is that a word?) our claim for a #1 seed.

When it's Championship Week, statistics mean very little. You can do all of the cute little graphs, charts and everything in-between but nothing compares to playing for your entire season over 40 minutes of basketball. Nothing. That's what makes me believe that March is without a doubt the best month of the year, and the first 11 days (what has been dubbed 'Championship Week' by ESPN) are every bit as exciting as the NCAA Tournament. Well, maybe not quite as exciting but as shown by the upsets pulled off today in just 'power' conferences. The list includeds Cal over UCLA, Miami (FL) over Maryland, NC State over Dook and Florida State over Clemson.

Tomorrow's game starts at 11:30 AM central time. Let's hope our 'Hawks are ready to play, we will have a tough time tomorrow. Desperation is arguably more important than talent during March, and with us having locked up a 1 or 2 seed already in the NCAAs the desperation advantage lies squarely on Boomer Sooner's shoulders.

I picked us to win  yesterday 75-58, I don't see anything that should change my mind so the RCT Prediction of 75-58 stands.

Rock Chalk!