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SB Nation House Cleaning

There is a ton of stuff coming up in this wonderful month of March, some of which concerns SB Nation and some the entire nation.

Anyone travelling to Oklahoma City for the Big 12 Tournament? Matt over at Crimson and Cream Machine has a guide to his hometown of OKC. It is a must read if your making the trip, get a step ahead of everyone else.

Also, this Sunday is the premier of a new addition to SB Nation. Here is a statement describing what is going to occur:

I'm happy to announce that the premiere episode of The SB Nation Sports Report is this Sunday at 8pm EST on Blog Talk Radio. The Sports Report is the official podcast of SB Nation, and it will happen live, allowing listeners to call-in or IM the hosts to discuss anything and everything sports related. The premiere episode is hosted by TheSportsGuru (John Bena of Mile High Report) and myself (BigBlueShoe of Stampede Blue). Our main topics will focus on NFL free agency, the Signature Pharmacy steriod scandal involving baseball and football, and the NCAA tournament. Guests on the show include Fooch from Niners Nation, the immortal Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, and SkinsPatrol of Hogs Haven.  

That's all I have for now, later on tonight I'm going to preview the Big 12 Tournament as well as taking a deeper look at whether we want to play Oklahoma or Iowa State in our first round matchup.

Rock Chalk!