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1st Annual Rock Chalk Talk National Awards

Here we go, yesterday I took a look at the Big 12 Awards and today let's take a look at the National Awards. The anticipation is killing me too.

Player of the Year: Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
As amazing as Tucker has been, Do-Rant has less to work with and has better stats. I view this as a combination of domination and importance to team and Do-Rant wins over Tucker in both categories.
Runner Up: Alando Tucker (Wisconsin)

Coach of the Year: Tony Bennett (Wazzu)
This is even easier than the POY debate. Many MSM outlets picked Wazzu to finish LAST(!) in the Pac 10 yet here they are, 2nd in the conference and having locked up a Top 4 seed.
Runner Up: Mike Breay (Notre Dame)
Has done a lot with the Golden Domers with a white kid who can shoot the 3 (Colin Falls) and a black kid who can shoot the 3 (Russell Carter) and do a little more.

Freshman of the Year: Kevin Do-Rant
It isn't a debate for FOY. What is a debate is who to put as runner-up. Oden is the obvious choice, but I don't think he has been nearly as dominant as others. It really is a crapshoot, lots of people could walk away with the award. In the end, I'll give to two darkhorse candidates who has kept his team alive in postseason contention, one a big man and the other a PG.
Runners Up: Spencer Hawes (Washington) and Scottie Reynolds (Villanova)

All-American First Team
G - Acie Law IV (Texas A&M)
G - Aaron Afflalo (UCLA)
F - Alando Tucker (Wisconsin)
F - Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
C - Roy Hibbert (Georgetown)

All-American Second Team
G - J.R. Reynolds (Virginia)
G - Sean Singletary (Virginia)
F - Julian Wright (Kansas)
F - Jeff Green (Georgetown)
F - Al Thornton (Florida State)

All-American Third Team
G - Scottie Reynolds (Villanova)
G - Jarrius Jackson (Texas Tech)
F - Tyler Hansborough (North Carolina)
F - Al Horford (Florida)
C - Spencer Hawes (Washington)

All-American Freshman Team
G - Scottie Reynolds (Villanova)
G - D.J. Augustin (Texas)
F - Brandan Wright (North Carolina)
F - Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
C - Spencer Hawes (Washington)

Some of these were rushed decisions while watching Wright State barely upset Butler in the Horizon League Conference Championship game. Please forgive me, some of my picks probably weren't all the way on spot either. Wright State's victory takes away a bid from a team like Missouri State, Drexel, Old Dominion someone like that.

Sorry Bubble Teams.

Rock Chalk!