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Trip Around Jayhawk Nation

I am going to try and bring out this post more and more, it is important to be updated about all things Jayhawk around the internet. Sometimes, if I'm feeling a little daring, I will go ahead and link to some stuff that has nothing to do with the 'Hawks. I know you probably don't want to hear it, but you really should read it. It's good for you, just like eating your veggies.

KC Star's Jason King has an article about Sherron Collins life growing up in the inner streets of Chicago. It is a very intense story, one that includes Sherron's friend dying because of a gunshot wound and Sherron's dad who is in jail. There is also a heart-tearing story of his son, Sherron Jr., who didn't make it past 10 days after being born 4 months early. I never knew his upbringing was this bad, I knew he wasn't terribly well off growing up but this story has really opened my eyes to what SC went through growing up. Hopefully it gets better for you SC, you deserve it.

On a lighter note, if you have a question for KU invited walk on and Rockhurst basketball player Connor Teahan. I think he will be a solid backup guard, maybe not next season as we will be loaded (everyone should be coming back along with 6'3" Tyrell Reed coming in) but him and Morningstar might start for us a year or two in the future. An interesting note, he and Reed are on the same AAU team, Pump N' Run.

Billy Gillespie isn't a big fan of the fact that the Big 12 could get only 4 teams into the 4 letter tournament. I agree to a point, although I do think that the most cwe can get is 5 thanks to Oklahoma State's 0-for on the road all season long.

In case you didn't hear, apparently ESPN isn't a big fan of our 'Muck Fizzou' shirts. Now, I do agree that they are borderline tastless and odn't necessarily reflect the image that the athletic department wants to get out there, but come on ESPN. You guys have shown much worse, much worse, and you can handle showing a 'Muck Fizzou' shirt in the middle of a big crowd. I think you can handle it.

We added 3 more teams last night (VCU in CAA, Niagara in MAAC and Gonzaga in WCC) to the Invite list for the Dance and added the ORC earlier in the Mid-Con final. I can already see us getting a #1 seed and the Golden Eagles getting absolutely jobbed and getting to play...Kansas in the NCAA's. Either that or we lose a game early in the Big 12 Tournament and we fall down to a #2 seed, we'll get stuck with Oral Roberts and the ORC will act again. ORU is a #15 seed in today's Bracketology, so the idea isn't all that farfetched. Great.

We'll take a closer look at this later as well as previewing the Big 12 Tournament in general later on tonight, but who would you rather play, Oklahoma or Iowa State? I personally vote Iowa State, while both games on the road were too close for comfort (both wins though, 68 - 64 in OT against the Cyclones and 67 - 65 against Boomer Sooner) the ISU game was easier for me to watch. They are both on the outside looking in for the NIT, a win over us would likely clinch a spot in at least some postseason play.

Rock Chalk!