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Who Art Thou Dominant?

That is how they would headline the Big 12 Awards were they to have March Madness in the 1500's. And in England. Matt over at Crimson and Cream Machine did his own Big 12 Awards and so I decided to do my own. So, without furthur ado, let's take a look at the first annual Rock Chalk Talk Big 12 Awards.

Player of the Year: Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
Is this even a question? I know that Acie Law IV deserves some consideration but Do-Rant is freaking amazing. I mean, did you watch Saturday's first half?
Runner Up: Acie Law IV - Texas A&M

Defensive Player of the Year: Super (Kansas)
Yes this is a homer pick. Yes Marcus Dove of Oklahoma State probably deserves this award. Yes, Chalmers isn't a bad defender himself. Yes this decision is final.
Runner Up: Marcus Dove - Oklahoma State

Freshman/Newcomer of the Year: Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
If he wins the Player of the Year, why wouldn't he win this one?
Freshman/Newcomer of the Year: D.J. Augustin (Texas)

All Big 12 First Team
G - Acie Law IV (Texas A&M)
G - Jarrius Jackson (Texas Tech)
F - Julian Wright (Kansas)
F - Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
C - Mario Boggan (Oklahoma State)

All Big 12 Second Team
G - Super (Kansas)
G - D.J. Augustin (Texas)
G - JamesOn Curry (Oklahoma State)
F - Brandon Rush (Kansas)
C - Aleks Maric (Nebraska)

All Big 12 Third Team
G - Stefhon Hannah (Missouri)
G - Sherron Collins (Kansas)
F - Cartier Martin (Kansas State)
F - Martin Zeno (Texas Tech)
F - Antanas Kavyiolsyfaldsjcalsdjfl;k (sp?) (Texas A&M)

All Big 12 Freshman/Newcomer Team
G - D.J. Augustin (Texas)
G - Stefhon Hannah (Missouri)
G - Sherron Collins (Kansas)
F - Kevin Do-Rant (Texas)
F - Darrell Arthur (Kansas)

Big 12 Coach of the Year
Billy Gillespie (Texas A&M)
I don't care what you say, he has taken this program from nowhere (0 league wins) to a loss away from winning the conference title in 3 years. I know they were supposed to finish around #2 or #3 but still, this guy is a special, special coach.
Runner Up: Jeff Capel (Oklahoma)

Big 12 Game of the Year
Oklahoma State 105 Texas 103 (3 OT)
The Big 12 has arguably had the two best games of the conference season be played in their conference. Both of them also involve Texas, something about those freshman and Do-Rant makes them <3 close games.
Runner Up: Texas 98 Texas A&M 96 (2 OT)

That's all folks, sometime in the near future I'll post some nationwide Awards and I also am planning on doing a "Bubble Talk" sometime tonight, as the bubble heats up.