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Video of Our Comeback

OK, I've tried for 15 minutes to post this freaking YouTube and I can't get it to work so I'm just going to link to it. Hope you enjoy it, it is incredibly well done. However, in the comments there is a big debate over the common misconception that the only reason we won is because Do-Rant went down with a twisted ankle. Here is my response:

<rant>This is completely and utterly false and his injury actually, in some ways, switched momentum to Texas. I'm not saying it helped them at all, he is without a doubt their best player, but it did provide them a break to catch their breath for a couple minutes without using a timeout. Also, we were were winning 69-65 when he went down with the injury and we scored once while he was on the floor making it 71-65 when he went out of the game. He was only out for 4 minutes and I'm not positive what the score was when he came back in but it was something around 4-6 points. He was already cooling off, the fact that he only scored 7 points in the second half is mainly because he couldn't keep up his first half pace, no matter how superhuman Do-Rant is.</rant>

Rock Chalk!