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The Dream Ends

That's what happens when you run into a better team folks. UCLA just might be the best team in the country and are now my favorite to win the NCAA Title, you will have a hard time convincing me that any of the remaining teams could beat UCLA. That defense wasn't much better than Southern Illinois', the only difference is whenever we would try and drive into the lane their little hands would pop out of nowhere and slap at it. I can't believe Self didn't change anything at halftime, we acted like it would just eventually go away. Well Bill, it doesn't and we got screwed because of your lack to make adjustments. It was a well officiated game, we just got out-played today. I would like to say congratulations to all those Bruins fans, they deserve it.

It's always tough seeing your season end, but it does ease the pain (at least for me) knowing that we made it to the Elite Eight. With us bringing everyone back (hopefully) we'll be even stronger next season, hopefully we'll be in San Antonio in about a year. More on this season starting tomorrow and ending on Midnight Madness. You'll start to see some different material here, with JQ handling the baseball stuff and football and basketball not starting till September and November respectively. I will do a very long recap of this game, it was just clear that this wasn't our year. I'm still a proud Jayhawk, being one of the last 8 teams in the country is nothing to frown out.

I don't want to start any 'What-ifs', but 'What-if' we had made all of our freaking layups in the second half. Are we still playing right now in OT? Tough to say...tough to say.