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Jankovich Heading to Normal

Apparently, assistant coach Tim Jankovich has had enough of Lawrence and wants to head to a place that is, well, Normal. Today Jank accepted the job at Illinois State, which is located in Normal, Illinois thus the heading. The Redbirds are a member of the Missouri Valley Conference where they finished 15-16 last season including a 6-12 conference record.

I want to extend good wishings from all of us here at RCT to Jank and his family, hopefully he can get a head start on beating up on the Valley by smacking those Egyptian Dogs around on Thursday.

Speaking of those Salukis, F Matt Shaw is doubtful for Thursday night's game. He was their most productive player in the first half against Holy Cross, scoring 11 points before hurting his ankle. Kyle Whelliston has an article about his backup, Tony Boyle and his performance against the Cross. I would always rather face a backup, but I think that what is more vital to this game is how well we can score against one of the best defenses in the country.  

I can't wait for Thursday...