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A Trip Around Jayhawk Nation

I plan on doing some of my own once basketball season ends and I have more time, but in the meantime the excellent blog, Hawk Digest is posting his season previews.

Here is the link to the Season Previews, be sure to check them out and the upcoming ones.

The always great Gary Bedore talks to Danny Manning about Kevin Durant, including the comparison some MSM people have been making between the two.

Bill Mayer of LJ World has an article comparing Kansas' faults to other national title contenders' faults. Like all of Mayer's articles, it is a great read. Bedore and Mayer are both great columnists and we are lucky to have them cover the Jayhawks.

We also have some game previews already up, one over at the resident Texas blog in Burnt Orange Nation predicting a Jayhawk victory 77 - 72. Another one is over at the Phog Blog, a highly statistical, Pomeroy-driven preview. I'm not a big fan of those but it is still worth reading to understand strengths and weaknesses of the two teams.

I am about to put mine up, I know that the anticipation is killing you.

Rock Chalk!