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Sweet 16 Baby!

Here we are, one of the 16 teams that still has a chance at becoming the next National Champion. Once you get to this point, any team is more than capable of stringing together 4 wins and claiming national superiority. It feels good to be back, it seems like we haven't been here for, oh I don't know, a gazillion years (even though its only been two, we're definately spoiled).

Good game to watch, solid basketball played by both teams but I was never terribly concerned with a possible loss. I know that it was always possible, but Kentucky just didn't have the offensive firepower to scare me. I'll have my game preview up sometime tomorrow, take a look at the field of 16 on Tuesday and tell you everything you need to know about the Southern Illinois Salukis on Wednesday. We turn around and play in the very first game of the Sweet 16 at 7:10 ET on Thursday. I'm terrified of SIU but we are playing very well right now and I thnk we could beat just about everybody.

Here is a conference breakdown of the teams in the Sweet 16:
SEC: 3 (Florida, Vandy, Tennessee)
Pac 10: 3 (UCLA, USC, Oregon)
Big 12: 2 (Kansas, A&M)
Big East: 2 (Georgetown, Pitt)
Missouri Valley: 1 (Southern Illinois)
ACC: 1 (North Carolina)
Big 10: 1 (Ohio State)
CUSA: 1 (Memphis)
Horizon: 1 (Butler)

Who predicted before the season that the Horizon League would get as many teams to the Sweet 16 as the ACC? If anyone is raising their hand, throw stuff at them. Nobody likes liars.

Bring on the Egyptian Dogs!!!!