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Open Thread: KU vs. Kentucky

It all comes down to this. Lose and we go home, win and we move on to face Southern Illnois/Virginia Tech. I'm not really nervous about today's game, not sure why. I just have a quiet confidence about today, hopefully it isn't overconfidence and we will be able to pull out a W.

Chalmers  after knocking down a trey.

Projected Starting Lineups:
KANSAS (31-4)

F -- Sasha Kaun (6-11)
F -- Julian Wright (6-8)
G -- Brandon Rush (6-6)
G -- Russell Robinson (6-1)
G -- Mario Chalmers (6-1)

KENTUCKY (22-11)

F -- Bobby Perry (6-8)
F -- Randolph Morris (6-11)
G -- Joe Crawford (6-5)
G -- Derrick Jasper (6-6)
G -- Ramel Bradley (6-2)

Any predictions?