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Real Preview of Niagara Purple Eagles

After leaving you on edge with my last 'University Preview', let's talk some basketball. Serious basketball because even though it is a 16/1 it is still Game #4 of our 9 game journey. Or, in a shortened journey Game #1 of 6.

Projected Starting Lineups
KANSAS (30-4)
F -- Sasha Kaun (6-11)
F -- Julian Wright (6-8)
G -- Brandon Rush (6-6)
G -- Russell Robinson (6-1)
G -- Mario Chalmers (6-1)

Niagara (23-11)
F -- Clif Brown (6-7)
F -- J.R. Duffey (6-7)
G -- Charron Fisher (6-3)
G -- Lorenzo Miles (5-11)
G -- Rydell Brooks (6-2)

Three Keys to the Game
1) Shut Down the 3 Point Line
Sounds like a key against another team that wears purple, huh? Niagara beat FAMU by knocking down 3's, including F Clif Brown's 6 three pointers. Almost everyone is capable of shooting the rock, we need to play some solid perimeter defense throughout tonight's game.

2) Don't Overlook Niagara
One good thing is that we play before the 8/9 matchup of Kentucky/Villanova so we will be focused on our game instead of scouting the other teams before we even play. I don't care if they are a 16 seed, we can't afford to take this team lightly and be the first to lose to a 16. Let's just play hard and worry about tonight's matchup and tomorrow watch all the film you want on Villanova or Kentucky.

3) Have FUN!
This is the NCAA Tournament and as long as we follow the first 2 steps, it will be the first NCAA Tournament win for everyone on the team instead of Jeremy Case during his redshirt year. That's right, nobody has ever played in an NCAA Tournament game and won on our team, we need to get that out of our way and have these young guys learn how to win. Enjoy yourself today, it will loosen us up and allow us to play better basketball.

RCT Prediction: I think that they will stay close for the first 10 minutes so, but we will pull away and by halftime leading by 20 points. Final score is Kansas 78 Niagara 54

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Rock Chalk!