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Live Blog: Niagara vs. Florida A&M

In the past I have just set up Open Threads for games, but I have thought about doing Live Blogs instead. I will post updates in the post under the "Read More" section so check it out later or as I update. I thought tonight was a great night to try it out with me not actually personally attached being the Jayhawks aren't playing but it still impacts us. Hopefully that made sense for you guys.

Gametime is at 4:30 PST and I will post all my updates over here with the Left Coast time. It is on ESPN and will be played in the Univeristy of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

You all ready for this...

Quick Preview before I start updating:

ESPN's Preview

Florida A&M
Conference: MEAC
Record: 21-13
Nickname: Rattlers

Conference: MAAC
Record: 22-11
Nickname: Purple Eagles

Star Watch
Niagara - Charron Fisher G
Florida A&M - Brian Greene F

RCT Prediction
Florida A&M 68 Niagara 85

I really think that Niagra is the much better team and deserved much better than the play-in game. I think they are a better team than the 15 seed in our bracket, Weber State. Weber State probably got a bump up for their upset history (over UNC in 1999).

I will be cheering for A&M because they are the underdog (in my mind) and I like their team better, what can I say.

OK here we go, let's start with the updates.

4:38 Weird camera angle, it feels like we're on top of the building. A&M has 3 coaches and 6 players from Illinois, they want to come home and play us in Chicago.

4:40 It's an inside game right now and Niagara has the better big guys. Niagara is on FIRE!!!! Especially Charron Fisher, that guy is a monster with 7 of their 9 points. 9-2 Niagara.

4:48 It is clear that Niagara has had the more rest (8 days compared to A&M's 2) with A&M starting extremely slow. A&M is starting to get in the game though. Niagara 12-4.

4:51 Niagara is shooting better than A&M and is outrebounding them 12-3, not a great start for my Rattlers. By the way, for those of you who haven't seen that clip of them winning the MEAC championship you need to see it. Niagra 17-7.

4:54 Right now Lavin is talking about making the play-in game be between the two last at-large teams. I agree completely, when you win your conference tournament you deserve to make the NCAA guranteed. So, say this season the last #5 seed (Tennessee) gets to play the winner of an at-large play in game (Arkansas vs. Stanford I think). Wow, talk about a real game for the play-in game + small schools like band-oriented Florida A&M would get a guranteed game in the actual field of 64.

4:58 Yea, Terry Gannon (play-by-play announcer) picking the Jayhawks to beat UNC in the national championship game. I like him better already. Erin Andrews (sideline reporter) went out on a limb and picked her alma mater, Florida, to win it all. Yea, way to go Erin. Niagara 20-9.

5:04 I am actually scared to play Niagara. They have a couple of good 3 point shooters and Charron Fisher is a monster, imagine what the media would do with a Charron vs. Sherron matchup ;). Niagra 22-13.

5:07 A&M showing they came to play, two straight easy layups cut the lead to 3. 24-21 Niagara.

5:13 The Rattlers are coming back, knocking down a 3 and a 2. I'm telling you, Niagara used the extra 6 days of rest to get ahead but don't be surprised if A&M comes all the way back.

5:15 5 turnovers for Purple Eagles and none for Rattlers. WOW! FAMU just knocked down a 3 after another easy bucket to get a lead for the first time tonight. FAMU 31-29.

5:19 Bill Self phone call coming up in the second half. Who can't wait for that? Niagara 32-31.

5:24 HALFTIME! 35-31 Niagara. Niagara looks much more impressive as they are a very good offensive team, but the Purple Eagles' transition defense is pretty weak and we should be able to outscore them if we play them.

5:47 It's been a game of runs according to ESPN. Here are the runs: 20-7 Niagara, 24-10 A&M, 5-0 Niagara. Purple Eagles 37-31 with 18:30 left in one of these team's season.

5:50 Little NIT update, because who doesn't love the NIT?

#2 Florida State beat #7 Toledo 77-61
#1 West Virginia beat #8 Delaware State 70-54
#3 Michigan beat #6 Utah State 68-58
#1 Mississippi State is beating #8 Mississippi Valley State 39-21

5:55 2 3's by Niagara extended the lead to 8 points for the Purple Eagles 44-36. Plus, Self has an interview coming up after this commercial. You excited?

5:58 Good point by Self, not a single player on last season's team had scored in the postseason before. 2 straight first round losses has been on Self's mind "every day for 700 days" and "we need to go into this with a little bit of an edge". Couldn't agree more Billy. Edge is what we have been missing the last two seasons, 2005 being 3 seniors not wanting to play in Self's offense and last season having one of the youngest teams in along time (similar situation to Do-Rant's team this season). Oh yea, there is a game going on isn't there. Another 3 by Niagara and they are winning 49-39.

6:13 I'm sorry, I got distracted. Niagara and A&M wre in a 3 point shoot contest but Niagara is flexing their rested muscles and winning 61-51. Looks like my Rattlers aren't going to get to play the Jayhawks.

6:22 This game is getting painstakingly boring, even though it is a 9 point game with 4:44 left in the game. I'm going to leave it on, but stop updating (not that I was much anyways) for you guys. Niagara is a pretty clear pick to win now, Brian Greene could bring my Rattlers back into the game but it doesn't look good.