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Quick Look at Our Bracket

Before I take a look at ours, here are some thoughts I had while watching the Selection Show.

How the heck is Florida the #1 overall seed? How? They lost 3 out of 4 a couple of weeks ago and in NO WAY deserve the #1 overall seed. With winning the SEC title they deserve to be a #1 seed, barely, over UCLA but as the #3 or #4 #1 seed. Here was my order of #1 seeds:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Kansas
  3. Florida
  4. North Carolina
Ludicrous that they got the #1 overall seed.

A&M and Southern Illinois both got jobbed. A&M should have moved up to the #2 line instead of Memphis and SIU should have been a #3 seed instead of Pitt. I am petrified of Southern Illinois, them and Georgetown are the two teams I absolutely did NOT want to play, so hopefully a team like Virginia Tech can take them out.

Enough talk about the rest of the bracket, let's disect ours:

Possible First Round Matchups
We get the play-in game because of the fact we are the 4th #1 seed, with having much less time to prepare for whatever team we have to play. Florida A&M, virtue of a last second layup yesterday in the MEAC final, is one of the teams that will play Tuesday night in Dayton with the other team being the MAAC champion, Niagara. I watched most of the MAAC championship game and Niagara is a scary team, I think they will come out on top but I will be cheering for FAMU.

Possible Second Round Matchups
I gurantee one thing, we will be playing the Wildcats in the second round ;). Nova is led by Scottie Reynolds and Curtis Sumpter with Kentucky led by Randolph Morris, Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley. If you want to learn more about Kentucky go on over to the resident UK blog, A Sea of Blue.

Possible Third Round Matchups
I won't talk about each team, we will hopefully have a whole week to do that, but the 4 teams we could face in the Sweet Sixteen, in order of liklihood are:

#4 Southern Illinois
#5 Virginia Tech
#12 Illinois
#13 Holy Cross

Possible Fourth Round Matchups
Same as above, except this time there are 8 teams theoretically with a shot of facing us in the Elite Eight with a trip to the Final Four on the line. Again, in order of liklihood:

#3 Pittsburgh
#7 Indiana
#6 Duke
#11 VCU
#10 Gonzaga
#14 Wright State
#15 Weber State

What's up with UCLA having the easier half of the bracket? Give me Pitt as the 4 seed instead of SIU, drop them down to UCLA's portion.

Possible Fifth and Sixth Round Matchups
You have got to be kidding, I'm not breaking down the entire rest of the Tournament.

I will post my game recap of today's fantastic Big 12 Championship game -hopefully- today, but probably won't be able to get to it until tomorrow. I know, I know, let me know how terrible of a person I am. I'm really sorry, no really, I'm sorry.

Everybody watch the game on Tuesday night to figure out who we're playing, hopefully Self can figure out how to stop whoever comes out on top.

I can't wait for Thursday!!!!

Rock Chalk!