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My Favorite Time of the Year

This is more a venting of excitement more than anything.

I LOVE MARCH!!!!! March is, without a doubt in my mind, BY FAR the best month of the year. First off you have the NCAA Tournament, the greatest sporting event in the history of sporting events. Before that you have what I enjoy almost as much, all of the conference tournaments (As I type this, I'm watching Big South #1 seed and at-large candidate Winthrop playing a tight game against UNC-Asheville) which for lots of the little guys and some bubble teams in major conferences, is essentially the season. There is an amazingly large amount of passion and heart shown in these tournaments and I'm getting all excited watching a Big South Tournament semifinal game.

In a far off, distant second is my second loves, the NFL, and the free agency period which begins tomorrow. While my Chiefs don't make big splashes in the FA market too often and when they do they don't always work out (i.e. Kendrell Bell) but it is still a great part of March.

Lastly, Spring Training games started today and we will slowly build up towards the MLB season throughout all of March.


Oh, and head on over to arguably the best college blog here at SB Nation, Burnt Orange Nation, the resident Longhorns blog. I hate Bevo as much as you do but pay them a visit and let them know how bad Durant will play in the Phog!

Rock Chalk!