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Was That the Best Game We've Played All Year?

Well, that is what I was planning to write on.

Of course, Phog Blog stole my thunder because of my late start.

So, now I am fresh out of ideas. We absolutely dominated the Wildcats and everyone's favorite coach Bobby Huggins. They were embarassed.


You don't need to see a box score (I haven't looked at one yet) to know the utter domination. Actually, I only had one eye on the TV during the second half, I had some unfinished homework I had to get to and I had time.


97 points wasn't unusual when that guy from North Carolina used to coach us (I forgot his name), but under a Bill Self coached team getting over 90 is like a normal team scoring 100 +.

If you insist, here are some game recaps to look at because I don't feel like doing one. I do, however, feel like criticizing the Jayhawk Television Network.

Why do we have a baseball guy being a BASKETBALL color commentator? Dave Armstrong is OK and while Split isn't horrible, with all of the great players that have worn Crimson and Blue over the years we can find one guy that knows how to be a broadcaster...can't we?

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