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Our Battle for $$$ Supremacy

There is a great post over at Hawk Digest talking about how Lew Perkins is slowly pushing our budget to the level of bigger schools like that one in Austin.

Here are all of the figures:

Budget In Millions
$74.4 -- Texas
$62.9 -- Oklahoma
$57.4 -- Texas A&M
$55.8 -- Nebraska
$46.4 -- Missouri
$45.6 -- Texas Tech
$40.0 -- Kansas
$36.6 -- Colorado
$35.9 -- Oklahoma State
$33.5 -- Kansas State
$31.1 -- Baylor
$28.1 -- Iowa State

According to that, we are #7 in the Big 12 in budget space. He goes on to say that when Lew Perkins took over, not that long ago, we were stuck down at $27 million so he has increased it a ton. Granted, this is because of the rising ticket prices and such that us fans are paying but if it is for the better of the programs then why not.

Of course, I can say that living in California and not owning season tickets. It sounds all well and good when it isn't my $$$ going to KU.

Just a quick reminder, National Signing Day is tomorrow, check out ESPNU all day for some updates. For Jayhawk recruiting updates head on over to Hawk Digest (link above) for updated information.

One last note, tomorrow Wildcats led by Huggy Bear himself will make their way into Allen Fieldhouse. I'll get my game preview up sometime before tipoff at 9 EST, although I can't promise anything much earlier as I won't have time until 6:30ish at the earliest.

Rock Chalk!