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Why Aren't I Bothered?

Sure, I'm frustrated and angry right now. But bothered, no way. Texas A&M just might be the best team we've played all year and yes I haven't forgot we played Florida. We got way too conservative late in the game, trying to shove it into Sasha Kaun even when he was double and triple teamed. I can't explain it, it is just what happened. Acie Law showed up in the last 5 minutes, like Dicky V proclaimed he would throughout the entire game, and we didn't. Plain and simple. Not a coincidence either that as soon as we took out our best clutch player in Sherron Collins and put in Super Mario. I love Mario, but right now Sherron Collins is playing better. We were winning by 6 points I think when Super Mario came in, and somewhere around there started the 17-4 run that Texas A&M ended the game with.

I guess I have to recap the game tomorrow, as mad as it will make me, so look out for that.

OK, after just writing that paragraph and change I am starting to become bothered. Maybe I am bothered, who knows. This game will mean little in the grand scheme of things, that's why I love college basketball, and as long as we don't completely collapse we will get a top 3 seed. A&M is building their resume for a #1 seed, I've never been a big believer in positioning for seeds, I think you get assigned a seed and you have a path to the Final Four. Sure, it is nice saying that as a KU fan knowing you will be a top 4 seed just about every year, but I really believe it. If you are really Final Four material you will make it there, regardless of who you have to play to get there.

We will definately drop from the 2nd seed slot for the time being but if we can win the Big 12 (still very possible) and/or the Tournament we could get back there.

I guess I should save some stuff for tomorrow's recap.

On a lighter note, the Kansas baseball team is 4-0 and one win away from a 5 game sweep on the road in Hawaii. These wins will help our Tournament case later on, even though Hawaii-Hilo isn't a great team a 5 game road sweep is always solid.

Rock Chalk!