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Game #30: KU @ Boomer Sooner

Last time we made a trip to Norman, Oklahoma we came home with a L, of course then they were a surefire NCAA Tournament team with a different coach at the helm in Kelvin Samspon. Last season, we got one of our first "big" wins that propelled our late season run against Oklahoma, a gut-wrenching 59-58 victory for the Jayhawks. This game wouldn't kill us if we lose, but we are ranked #3 in both polls now which could translate into a #1 seed. I think that with all of the teams that have lost, if we win out and win the Big 12 Conference Championship we will be a #1 seed because right now only UCLA is a lock for a top seed. More on that another day, let's go into a quickie preview for tonight's game against Boomer Sooner, the worst song on the face of the Earth.

Three Keys to the Game
1) Don't Listen to the Music!
Don't let "Boomer Sooner" get stuck in your head, you will never get it out. Like I said just a couple lines above the one you are currently reading, it could be the worst song in the history of everything. More seriously though, this is really about shutting up the Boomer Sooner faithful. They are a decent team and if they get the home fans behind them, like they did up in Huggyville a week ago, it will be a close game.

2) Rush, Super Mario, SC: NO FOULS!!!
I am really into the exclamation points today, aren't I. With Russell's turf toe injury we are slim on the bench, forcing both Rodrick Stewart and Brady "Even though I look like I'm 15, I'm really 19" Morningstar to receive some first half minutes against Iowa State. They will both get some minutes again tonight, but this time we will be playing a better opponent and we won't have the comforts of the Phog to ease them into the game. Let's keep their minutes to a minimum and keep Rush, Super and SC on the court.

3) Feed it to Darrell and Julian
I think that they will both have big games tonight. I can feel it all the way out here in California, no I really can I promise. Darrell has been an absolute monster these past couple of games and Julian always has the potential to go for 22 and 12. Let's get them involved early and often and dominate the game from the get go.

RCT Prediction: Kansas 78 Boomer Sooner 65

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