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Game #29: KU vs. Iowa State

Just another game against a decent Big 12 game on our hands at home. We need to win this game for the team's confidence, etc. and also because after this game we have two pretty hard ones, @ Oklahoma and at home against Kevin Durant, and I don't want to head into Tournament time losing 2 of 3. A real quick 3 Keys and a prediction and I'm off to watch more college basketball.

Three Keys to the Game
1) Show Who's Boss
We are the better team. Both teams know it. Let's not rope-a-dope around for the first 30 minutes of the game, I want this game to be a blowout much like our last home game against Nebrasky. I'm not asking for a 53 point win, just something that will put the game reasonably out of question by halftime.

2) Shutdown Mike Taylor...Again
In Ames Brandon Rush held their best player, aforementioned Taylor, to one of his worst games of the season. For the game to be a blowout he can't go for a 20+ this afternoon, we have to depend on Rush to shut him down yet again.

3) Best Freshman this Side of KD and Oden
Could it be SC? He doesn't get near the minutes of some of the other freshmen, GT's Javaris Crittenton is a good example, but could be one of the best talents out there. We know that, we've watched him all year, but on this afternoon's national televized stage that ESPN has provided let's show him off to the world.


Starting Lineups:
KANSAS (24-4, 11-2)
F -- Sasha Kaun (6-11)
F -- Julian Wright (6-8)
G -- Brandon Rush (6-6)
G -- Sherron Collins (5-11)
G -- Mario Chalmers (6-1)

IOWA STATE (14-13, 5-8)
F -- Wesley Johnson (6-7)
F -- Rahshon Clark (6-6)
C -- Jiri Hubalek (6-11)
G -- Corey McIntosh (6-0)
G -- Mike Taylor (6-2)

RCT Prediction: Kansas 82 Iowa State 58

Rock Chalk!