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That Team In Ames

Our second to last home game is tomorrow afternoon when we host the Cyclones. They haven't been as successful as they expected coming into the season and have largely disappointed. I didn't consider them a team to make an NCAA run, but I thought that they were a team that would finish around 6th or 7th in the conference and make the NIT. They still have a shot at the 3 letter tournament but it might have to include a victory tomorrow afternoon in Allen Fieldhouse.

Before I start, I just want to let you know that the premier blog about Cyclone sports is Cross Cyed. And according to him, the problem this season has been Corey McIntosh. He had this lovely thing to say about him after a close loss in Austin:

Corey McIntosh
His usual non-factor self. Two points, two fouls, two turnovers, no assists. He didn't play like total crap, but he didn't play like anything that resembled quality basketball.

ISU always plays us good, no matter how bad (they don't come much worse than this season) they are. Heck, they ALMOST beat us earlier this year in Ames. We snuck out then 68-64 in OT, hopefully we can at the very least do the same and walk away with a W. Brandon Rush played huge defense in that game on their best player, G Mike Taylor. Hopefully we can shut him down yet again and maybe let Corey McIntosh take the game over.

I'll put more up tomorrow in the OT and here is my semi-preview for the one in Ames, Iowa. Much like the game in Boulder and the game at home against Nebrasky, I consider this game a must win game. I don't want to lose in Allen Fieldhouse this close to the Tournament, it would totally kill our confidence and momentum, but if we must let's lose to the best player in college basketball (except MAYBE Alando Tucker) in Kevin Durant. Of course, I don't want to lose that game either. You know, Senior Day.

Rock Chalk!