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Who I Want to See in Our Bracket

As the NCAA Tournament is ever approaching, I wanted to take a look at who I will be wanting to see in our bracket and who I would love to stay on the other side. The ones that I say I would "Love to Play" aren't going to be some scrub team from the MEAC with a lucky conference championship run. They are all going to be major teams that are at-large locks that people know nationally. Also, the teams that I would "Hate to Play" can't be a #1 or #2 seed, or in other words have to be seeded below us (I'm assuming we will receive a 2 seed. I can use the following teams on "Love to Play", but they can't show up on the "Hate to Play" list:

Florida, UCLA, UNC, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh and Texas A&M

Check back for updates as I will try to do a couple at a time and will try to start tonight.

Rock Chalk!