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Open Thread: Game #28 KU @ Purple

Sorry yet again, school has taken a large portion of my time recently and its the grades that matter. Or at least that's what my parents say.

Anyways, tonight's game isn't pivotal for either team's NCAA chances. Ours are already locked up and Purple SHOULD get an invite if they win the games they are capable of. This is what bubble experts consider a "freeroll", a chance to add a marquee win to your application for the Dance but it doesn't kill your chances if you lose this game. We have NEVER lost in Bramlage Coliseum, hopefully we won't lose in Huggy Bear's first crack at us.

Who Likes Huggy Bear Anyways?

I do have time to put up some keys to the game along with my prediction.

Three Keys to the Game

1) Shut Down Cartier "I Love to Score" Martin
Yes, I just made that nickname up. Yes, I know that he doesn't average a bunch a game (somewhere around 15 I think). Yes, I know that he begins each game sitting closer to Huggins than most of us would ever like to in our lifetime. Even with that wealth of knowledge at my disposal, I still think that shutting him down is huge for our chances of winning. He shoots lots of 3 point shots and if he is on fire, we could be in for a long night. We can handle him though, at least we should be able to.

2) Involve Sasha Early and Often
I have held back lots of criticisms of Sasha the past couple games. He hasn't played horrible and we have been successful so I am trying to be positive (easier said than done for me) but Sasha has been far from impressive recently. Tonight can be the beginning of getting back on the right track as Jayhawk favorite, Justin Bennett is his counterpart. Let's just say that Bennett isn't the the first guy you'd pick if you needed a defensive big guy.

3) Keep the Streak Alive
Like I said earlier, we have never lost in Kansas State's Bramlage Coliseum. It should be filled with Purple fans, like always, but this time they have something to play for besides to beat Kansas. Will we be up for it? We better be...I hate Purple.

RCT Prediction: Kansas 78 Kansas State 72

Rock Chalk!