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Open Thread: Game #27 KU vs. Nebrasky

Today is going to be a great basketball day. I can't spare the time to write a preview for you and miss some great college basketball.

I know, I'm selfish.

If you really want to see a preview up for this game, here is mine from when we visited the Delaney Center. I am not that excited about this game to be blunt, we always seem to blowout the Huskers when they come to AFH. Of course, the jinx I just put them on along with the fact that we already blew them out once and this game will be closer than I expect. Most likely.

Last time, as you may recall, I predicted a Jayhawk loss 57-59. I'm not going to be so pessimistic this time around...

Three Keys to the Game
1) Pretend This is a Must Win

We can't afford to lose this game. Much like the game at Colorado was a must win this is likewise, a loss at AFH to a team like Nebrasky would absolutely kill our self-confidence. I'm fine with losing a game at Oklahoma or at home against Texas but I'm not fine if we lose at home to Big 12 fodder.

2) Guard the 3 Point Line

Nebrasky loves to shoot the 3 point shot. I don't have statistics for you, if you want a statistical game preview head on over to Phog Blog before the game, but I do know that the Huskers shoot plenty of 3 points. The key to our 43-16 jumpstart last game was they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. They can't shoot that poorly again, so we need to play good defense on the exterior.

3) Get Julian Wright Going

Last time we played the Huskers Julian got the first 8 points of the game, after I said to get him the ball. Let's see if it'll work again because Wright is often the key to our success.

RCT Prediction: Kansas 68 Nebrasky 52

Rock Chalk!