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Open Thread: Game #25 KU @ Missouri

I don't have time to put up a full blown Preview so I'll do a mini one here in the Open Thread.

This is Mizzou's Super Bowl/World Championship/World Series/etc. Their season often depends on whether they at least split the season series, Mike Anderson would be loved much more were he to emerge from the ex-Paige Sports Arena.

If you want to read a real Preview head on over to the one I put up for when they travelled to AFH.

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This game has very little to do with statistics. Very little. This is Missouri, they don't care that they have struggled so far this season, all they care about is beating us in their place today.

Last year we split the series each team winnning on their home court, we can't let that happen this year and we need to steal one in Columbia.

Here are the projected starters:

KANSAS (20-4, 7-2)
F -- Sasha Kaun (6-11)
F -- Julian Wright (6-8)
G -- Brandon Rush (6-6)
G -- Russell Robinson (6-1)
G -- Mario Chalmers (6-1)

missouri (14-8, 3-6)
F -- Marshall Brown (6-6)
F -- Matt Lawrence (6-6)
C -- Kalen Grimes (6-9)
G -- Stefhon Hannah (6-1)
G -- Keon Lawrence (6-2)

Three Keys to Today's Game

1. Get Hannah in Foul Trouble
I think that were Hannah not to get in foul trouble we would have lost at home against the Tigers. This kid is incredible and by far the best player on their team and he is even more dangerous at home. We need to find a way to contain him, we do that we win the game because as good as Matt Lawrence and Marshall Brown are, they can't carry a team on their shoulders.

2. Get Sherron Collins the Ball
Late in games, like late in the Texas A&M game, we almost stay away from SC. Let's face the facts, SC is our best scorer and especially in crunch time. Whenever we need a bucket give it to this kid and let him work. Almost every single time he has the ball in his hands and drives he either scores or creates an open shot for someone else. Our offense needs to start running around this guy, we will be a more successful team on offense.

3. Screw Mizzou
I hate Missouri and so do you. I will be very upset if we lose this game, not as much for the fact that it will hurt our seeding in the Tournament but because that would mean I get to see black and gold running on the court. I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing that. We can't lose this game, just can't.

Rock Chalk!