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Baseball: Suddenly the South Dakota State series rises from the dead!

This is bizarre.  Earlier this week KU announced the weekend baseball series with South Dakota State was canceled due to the weather and the poor condition of Hoglund Field.  Today it was announced that the series will be played after all, at the Minneapolis Metrodome!

OK, that is odd enough, but take a look at these game times:

Saturday double-header starting at 1:30 AM!  Those games will not conclude until around dawn!
Sunday single game at 3:30 AM!

Obviously, attendance at the games will be sparse.  Really, these games can be seen as late night practice sessions hundreds of miles from home.

On the one hand I am glad the games will be played as they will give the team more experience and hopefully will add wins to the KU record.  On the other hand, this sudden travel and all-night baseball schedule must be hard on the players.  Had it been left up to me (which surprisingly it was not) I would have skipped the games rather than put demands like this on the players.

Not surprisingly there will be no radio for the games.  I'll post updates over the weekend as time permits.  KU enters the series with a 5-0 record.  This seres will be SDS first games of the year.

I guess for the weekend we can call the baseball team the KU Nighthawks.