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ESPN Linkage

Plenty of college basketball stuff goes up on Wednesday and Thursday at the Worldwide Leader, I'll try and bring up everything they have to offer.

Here is the Bracketology of the week, with us a #2 seed in the South Bracket. Here is that bracket:

(1) FLORIDA (16) Play-in Game

(8) Arizona (9) Texas Tech

(5) VIRGINIA TECH (12) Villanova

(4) Nevada (13) HOLY CROSS / Patriot

(6) Washington St (11) BYU

(3) Duke (14) VERMONT / Amer East

(7) Notre Dame (10) GONZAGA

(2) KANSAS (15) SOUTH ALABAMA / Sun Belt

Note: If the school is in ALL CAPS then they are counted as the automatic bid from that conference.

Next up let's take a look at my personal favorite, Andy Glockner's Drive to 65. For those of you that don't know he takes a look at each team's chance of making the Tournament, seperating teams into "Lock", "Should Be In" and "Work Left to Do". We are listed as a lock in the Big 12 along with Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. Texas and Texas Tech are listed under the "Should Be In" category which basically wraps up our Tournament chances. Kansas State has "Work Left to Do" and has a shot, but it would likely have to include a win over Texas this Saturday plus another big time win (a win over cross-state rival Kansas comes to mind) to be a real player. We will probably get 5 teams in, maybe 6 if Bobby Huggins can start winning just about every game over there in the Little Apple.

Lastly, the traditional Power 16 was released today with us fitting in as a #2 seed. The 2nd #2 seed to be exact, basically meaning we are the #6 team in all of college basketball. We just happened to be ranked #6, so we probably are the 6th best in the country.

For all of you looking to get amped up for Saturday's big time game, head on over to the 12th Man Child for everything Texas A&M.

Tomorrow I'll do some major pre-game writeups.

Rock Chalk!