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I See Micah Downs! I See Micah Downs!

So as I write this I'm watching OT between Stanford and the Gonzaga. Make that double OT as a Stanford player just hit a 25 foot shot to tie the game. Anyways, I'm getting off subject. So Stanford called a timeout and they showed the Gonzaga huddle. And guess who I say in that Gonzaga huddle?

If you can't get this, it's not OK. (Hint: The answer is in the title...)

But he looked so promising in smoke...

So, I was curious how life was going in Spokane for our long lost Micah.

Here is his page on the Zags official website. They have this to say about his time in Lawrence:

Attended the University of Kansas, averaging 4.3 points in 13 games...reached double figures three times, including a season-high 13 points against Chaminade in the EA SPORTS Maui Invitational...transferred to Gonzaga at semester break and had to sit out second semester per NCAA transfer rules.

OMG!!! OMG!!!

As I'm typing these very words Micah Downs is coming into the game after the Zags had two big guys foul out. This is not a cruel joke, I see him on the court against Stanford. I promise. Wow he hasn't bulked up much at all. Still that skinny white boy we were used to wearing Crimson and Blue for a semester.

Anyways, let's continue this search about Micah Down's search for happiness in Spokane.

Here is ESPN's page on our favorite Kirkland, Washington native. He was suspended for the first semester (he became eligible on December 16th) but didn't see game action until a January 13th away game in Santa Clara. He played 12 minutes and scored 5 points, including making the only 3 pointer he took. His season high for minutes was 19 in Portland, Oregon and his highest point total of the year was his most recent game, a home game against the University of San Diego where he scored 9 points in 11 minutes. Here are his stats so far this season:

Minutes Points Rebounds Assists FG % 3PT %
12.8 4.6 2.0 1.2 46.7 60

Decent stats and his 12.8 minutes a ball game is probably more than the whiny kid would have gotten had he stayed here. Our 8 man rotation is solid, I'm not even sure if he would have convinced Self to go to a 9 man rotation.

To tell you the truth, anyone who ever donned Jayhawk Crimson and Blue will have a place in my heart but his is a minute part.

Think the chances of Missouri winning a national title in anything.

Rock Chalk!