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Just How Bad was Kansas' Schedule?

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Despite what ESPN says, despite what FOX says, despite any numbers that are thrown out there, Kansas does not have the 109th schedule in the country.

Our schedule was bad. Our non-con schedule was horrendous. But it wasn't that bad, at least according to any service given any attention throughout the season, we aren't even in the triple-digits. If there is someone, somewhere saying that we have the 109th ranked schedule it has yet to be seen by anybody in the world, save the talking heads on FOX and ESPN who so willingly plastered the statistic across America, promoting its truth without (seemingly) checking the validity.

Now, I'm not calling out ESPN or FOX. I'm mostly just wondering where they got the statistic, and giving you every ranking of schedules I have seen out there on the internets.

Here are all of the ones I could find, all claiming our schedule is, in fact, better than the supposed 109th ranking. Oh, and all of these are the BCS computer ratings, meaning someone somewhere believes these guys are accurate.

Jeff Sagarin
Most consider Sagarin's ratings to be the most accurate of determining true football-goodness, and he has us ranked 88th. Not 109th, but 21 spots better. 88. Just for reference, the fairly poor schedules of title contenders Ohio State and Oklahoma are 60th and 59th respectively. Now obviously, ours is worse, but is their enough of a difference to doubt one team, citing their "horrendous schedule", while merely turning the other way when scanning the non-conference slate of The Ohio State Buckeyes. Youngstown State, Akron, Kent State and Washington. Better, sure, but fairly similar to our non-con slate. But whatevs.

Anderson and Hester
Anderson & Hester, the most law-firm-sounding name involved with the BCS, has our ranking at #69. As in, better than 109th. By 40. They also have us as the #3 team in the country, and Missouri as the #2 team. This poll knows what it is talking about, and might be my new favorite computer poll. Oh, and just for reference, Ohio State and Oklahoma are ranked 60th and 46th respectively (West Virginia is ranked 49th). So we are only 9 spots behind the Buckeyes. But still, no mention of their atrocious non-conference slate.

Colley Matrix
The Colley Matrix hasn't liked Kansas all season, mostly because of our opponents and their combined 41% winning percentage. It isn't pretty, I know that. But even then, CM has us as the 88th best schedule in America. So, again, not really close at all to 109th. Oh, and again for future reference, Ohio State is listed as the 71st ranked schedule. So, only 17 spots difference as opposed to the 21 spots between us and the supposed 109th ranking.

Massey Ratings
First off, here is how the Massey Ratings are found:

  • These ratings are based on win-loss outcomes relative to schedule difficulty.
  • Margin of victory is not used, and ratings don't reflect point differentials.

We are ranked 6th and are playing their #1 team in the Orange Bowl in Virginia Tech. Our schedule is ranked 69th. Again. That is a full 40 spots away from the alleged 109th ranking of our schedule, and is only 14 spots away from Ohio State's ranking of 55. But still, not a peep from the MSM about Ohio State's pathetic schedule, but every time Kansas is mentioned "poor schedule" (or some variation) must be mentioned immediately after.

* Billingsley and Wolfe computer ratings, both used by the BCS, do not publish schedule rankings... *

While computer ratings are arguably more accurate, all schedules are "officially" ranked by the NCAA. And the NCAA has us ranked 81st. Again, not even close to the mythical, thrown-out-there number of 109. Ohio State is ranked 48th.

In summation, there is no way that Kansas is even close to the supposed 109th ranking the national media has slapped on us. Here are the rankings we have been given, according to actual statistics of the 5 available online rankings.

A&H --> 69th
Massey --> 69th
NCAA --> 81st
Sagarin --> 88th
Colley --> 88th

The average of those 5, which would be the most accurate way to find our "true" schedule rank (assuming equal validity of all the sources) is 79. 30 whole spots away from the made-up 109 given to us.

So, from now on, Kansas' schedule rank is 79th on this blog. Because that is the actual, factual evidence, not a made-up, fictional number.

More on the basketball team's domination of the over-matched DePaul tonight.