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Brandon Rush Arrested, But Not Suspended...

Thursday night, Brandon Rush was transported to the Douglas County Jail. From a courtroom, which he had to appear in after two outstanding traffic violation things. He drove on the wrong side of the road and failed to have insurance at hand in December of 2006, then violated his probation while speeding in October of 2007. So he was supposed to appear in court on November 28th to resolve these issues, but no go. Brandon decided not to go. Why? No one knows. He is a college kid, dealing with a difficult knee injury, these things happen. I'm not making excuses for him, but you would have to be naiive to believe that these kind of things don't happen to college kids.

The real question in this matter is Self's refusal to suspend him. Well, I guess refusal is a harsh about 'neglect'? I'm not mad at Brandon, frustrated sure, but the season is young and a game off might actually do him some good, with the ACL injury and all. But Self's decision not to suspend him is very bothersome for me, and hints at a lack of discipline in the Kansas basketball program.

The actual arrest isn't what bothers me, as I said, those things can be dealt with. But, in my opinion, any time a college athlete is arrested, a suspension should be coming right after it. It would be one thing if the conference championship was on the line. I wouldn't advocate it, still, but it would at least have some merit.

But we are playing Depaul. Honestly, the Depaul Blue Demons. Not the Duke Blue Devils. But the Depaul Blue Demons.

How about we just let Brandon sit a game out, rest his knee, and not make ourselves out to be a win-at-all-cost program?