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Kansas Jayhawks to the Orange Bowl

The Kansas Jayhawks are going to a BCS bowl game, the Orange Bowl specifically.

The Orange Bowl, the Bowl that smiles back!

At the end of the season, if you are one of the 10 teams in a BCS bowl game, the season is a success. I promise. Not to mention if your team is Kansas.

We will talk about the politics and everything in this selection later (because basically it isn't just for us to receive a BCS bowl bid and Missouri, who only have 2 losses because they played an extra game we didn't qualify to play in because they beat us, to be left in the cold), but for now just enjoy the Orange Bowl bid.

For the next month, until gameday, life will be brighter. Kansas football is going to the Orange Bowl, and all of a sudden the Chiefs sucktitude doesn't look so bad anymore.