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Tim Beck Sought After by Nebraska

Tim Beck, in case you don't know, is the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator of the University of Kansas football team. While he no doubt plays a big part in game-planning and such week after week, developing a fool-proof passing game for Todd Reesing and Co. to play out on Saturdays, that all comes second to what Beck really presents to the University of Kansas.

In a word: recruiting. Having previously spent six seasons as a High School football coach in Texas, he had plenty of connections to bring in recruits. According to his official page on the official website of Kansas Athletics (, his two "recruiting zones" are Austin and West Dallas. Since he was hired back in 2005, here are all of the recruits that fall into that recruiting zone, meaning he was, most likely, the biggest connection between the University of Kansas football program and these recruits.

  • LB Brandon Duncan (2005; West Dallas)
  • WR Raimond Pendleton (2005; West Dallas)
  • WR Xavier Rambo (2006; Dallas)
  • DE Jason Thompson (2006; Dallas)
  • CB/PR Anthony Webb (2006; Dallas)
  • RB Donte Bean (2006; West Dallas)
  • QB Todd Reesing (2006; Austin)
  • LB/S Olaitan Oguntodu (2006; West Dallas)
  • OL Jeremiah Hatch (2007; Dallas)
  • S Lubbock Smith (2008; Dallas)
  • CB/S Corrigan Powell (2008; West Dallas)
  • DE D.J. Marshall (2008; West Dallas)
  • WR Daymond Patterson (2008; West Dallas)
Again, this is mostly speculation based upon his presumed "recruiting zones", not an end-all-be-all list of Tim Beck's targets that ended up signing. And I haven't heard any word of any of the recruits possibly switching their commitment because of Beck's possible departure.

However, his departure is a very real possibility, mostly because of his longtime friendship with new Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini. They both grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and went to the same high school, Cardinal Mooney High School. However, according to Hawk Digest and his inside sources, Beck isn't exactly excited with a lateral move, which it would be for him to accept Nebraska's open position at runningbacks' coach.

When all is said and done, I bet he leaves. Whether it is a lateral move or not, it is hard to turn down an old friend. And while the pay increase is expected to be minimal if an increase at all, Nebraksa is a little more well-known traditionally than Kansas. Kansas should be better for awhile now, thanks to this recruiting class we have coming in, but friends are friends are friends.