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DT Darius Parrish Commits to Kansas!!!

Darius Parrish, a 6'3" 325 pound defensive tackle from Wichita, was expected to make his decision on a school by Christmas day. He had previously cut Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Colorado State out of the picture, leaving his decision between Kansas and Wisconsin. It was widely expected for him to choose the closer-to-home Kansas, but no recruit is a sure thing until he officially declares.

However, three days later than his anticipated decision, Parrish finally made a choice. He has committed to Kansas, choosing to remain closer to home instead of traveling up to Wisconsin. He is a key commit, as it basically solidifies our defensive front four for the next couple years. Combine him with other young, talent-filled DTs like Jamaal Greene, Caleb Blakesley, Richard Johnson Jr. and Patrick Dorsey. Greene, Johnson and Dorsey all were freshman this season, Dorsey taking a redshirt. Blakesley will be a junior next season and will likely be the leader of the interior line, with James McClinton leaving and everything.

We will get a lot more in-depth regarding the football team and its future after the Orange Bowl, which we will begin previewing tonight.