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Saturday Bowl Picks...

Just in case I don't get this up before tomorrow's first game, which starts at 10 AM out here in California.

I have Cincinnati over Southern Miss. It is my 32 confidence game, meaning I am more confident in this game than any other one.

I have Nevada over New Mexico, but it isn't nearly as important. Only a 3 confidence rating. But still, I want to get a perfect score.

And finally I took BYU over UCLA. I know that UCLA beat BYU, but I could care less about that. Different coach, different time of year, a time where BYU is surging and UCLA is collapsing. I am pretty confident about this one too, with a confidence rating of 23.

Tomorrow is awfully important for me, I have two high-confidence games on the line. Three wins tomorrow, and another high-confidence win Sunday night with Boise State over East Carolina, and I am in great shape.