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CB Greg Brown Commits to Kansas

Another day, another correctly picked bowl game by yours truly, and another defensive secondary recruit signed by Mark Mangino and Company.

This time Greg Brown was the one to commit to Kansas, a 5'11" product from Cedar Hill. Yes, the same Cedar Hill High School of current Jayhawks Dez Briscoe and Marcus Herford. We are slowly turning a fairly prominent Texas high school into a Kansas pipeline. Kind of.


In any case, pipeline or not, Greg Brown certainly is just another body to throw back in the secondary. I love these past two signings, because they have the possibility to benefit both short-term and long-term. If Aqib Talib leaves, Kendrick Harper, Chris Harris, Isiah Barfield (who Aqib Talib himself had some nice things to say about in the Wichita Eagle) and the two new recruits get to fight it out for who plays. If Aqib stays, then we can afford to redshirt both Lubbock AND Greg Brown. And the best part of it all is that Anthony Webb, one of the best recruits, according to Rivals, of Mangino's entire tenure, is considered for nothing more than a possible punt return job. Depth is, by far, the biggest difference between our team in 2008 and our team in 2003 or 04 or 05, etc. Depth, depth, depth.

Oh, and moving back to Brown, he was rated as the 76th best recruit in Texas in the Class of 2008, and the 37th best cornerback recruit in the entire country. Very impressive numbers, especially for a kid who isn't even "needed" in any immediate fashion. Oh, and he was recruited by quite a few "name" programs. Like, according to this post on (about halfway down, by 'KansasisWright'), Nebraska, Mizzou, K-State, Baylor, Iowa State, Arizona, Virginia, Arkansas, Houston and Boise State. Yeah. Not as many 'big names' as those after Lubbock Smith, but more. And some programs are 'bigger' than ours, at least historically, like Nebraska and Arkansas.

A quick preview post on the Miami (Ohio) game will be up a little later on tonight. Let me just say that I am officially scared of the RedHawks, I have seen them play in person and they are good. Real good. Plus, they lost to USC by only 4, and just beat Illinois last night. And they lost at Louisville by 3. They will make the NCAAs, in my opinion.