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Bowl Games Start Tonight

As we traverse through the bowl season, all 32 bowls, I am going to make a pick for each game. I know I am cutting this one under the wire, just barely making in before the 9 ET game time, but oh well. Basically, and this will be easier to read with pictures and such (the goal is to be half as good as this) but for now, with it being 30 minutes to kick off and everything, we will just stick with the text.

Real simple as of now, some of the previews of the more interesting games will be more elaborate. Like, with real life players and stats and thingys.

Here are my picks:

Who Will Win: Utah 42 Navy 35 (22*)
Utah has the better overall team, and had won 7 in a row before bowing to BYU in the last week of the season. Oh, yea, and they have won 6 straight bowl games. Plus, Navy is having a first-time head coach coach them, thanks to Paul Johnson leaving to go and coach at Georgia Tech. Why? I'm not quite sure, it isn't exactly like the Yellow Jackets are a primetime job. But, whatevs.

Irrational Kansas Fan Says:
Who cares. Neither of the teams played any of the teams we played, so this game, literally, has nothing to do with anything.

In the Blogosphere...
Utah --> Block U (SBN)
Navy --> Pitch Right

Wow, this format really sucks. However, I don't really have time to fix it. There are only 16 minutes until 9 ET.

So, I'm really sorry about the crappy format, the key is that I got my pick out in the open airwaves. I pick Utah.

I want to get at least 20 right...