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Mark Mangino Named AP Coach of the Year

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Not a whole lot to say, and not a whole lot of surprise here. Mark Mangino, the head coach of the Kansas University Jayhawks, was named the AP Coach of the Year today. Second place? Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel.

I would make a Kansas > Missouri joke right here, maybe even a couple, but I am forcing myself to abstain from those kind of things because of that whole thing at Arrowhead. So, until we beat Moo in basketball (and we will, trust me, at least once) there will be no jokes of any kind of "Kansas over Missouri" or "Kansas is a better state than Moo" or "Kansas = Free State; Moo = Slave State" or anything like that. And there will be no Kansas/Missouri football smack until we dominate them next year in Arrowhead. Well, we won't dominate them, but we will be pretty successful. In any case, Mizzou, no jokes here.

However, no matter how much of a Moo homer you are, no one can really argue with this little selection. Pinkel's team was the favorite to win the North by most intelligent people, whereas Mangino's was picked to finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th. Yes, last in the Big 12 North. And the 3rd place projections were few and far between. I didn't even believe we could move past either Moo or Nebraska, picking us to finish 3rd. And we are 11-1 and in a BCS Bowl. So, yea, Mark Mangino, you are the coach of the year.


On a mostly unrelated note, Mark Mangino is in fact NOT headed to Morgantown to be the new head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers. Yes, it has been recently written that the job to be Bobby Huggins' co-worker is one of the best jobs in all of college football, but no Mark Mangino isn't the newest man to occupy the position. In case you didn't follow along as Ryan Wood, a writer over at the LJW, proceeded to break the hearts of nearly every single Kansas football fan, only to attempt and mend them by simply claiming the entire story "a hoax". OK. Hi, I'm Ryan Wood, and I will believe that you are Mark Mangino's agent even if you are lying to me. I run with every story.

We will have fun with that, now that we know that the Mangenius is now safely staying here in Lawrence, tomorrow along with everything else I promised to have done tomorrow.

I'm sorry I'm such a liar, I'll try and fix that in my New Year's Resolutions.