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Open Game Thread : Game #7 #4 Kansas (6-0) @ #22 USC (6-1)

The biggest test of the year, here we come.

O.J. Mayo, here we come.

USC, here we come.

The timing is horrible, right smack-dab in the middle of the Chiefs game. And despite Damon Huard starting, I still love my Chiefs. I will probably Tivo the Jayhawks game, a basketball game is less time-sensitive than football, so I won't be here to comment.

So you have to carry the OT, in our first road game.


Who: USC 6-1 (0-0) vs. #4 Kansas 6-0 (0-0)
When: 1:00 PM Central
Where: Galen Center (10,258)
Blogosphere: Conquest Chronicles
Prediction: Kansas 83 USC 78