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Orange Bowl Tickets All Sold Out

I have neglected to enter much of the backroom Orange Bowl political theories here at Rock Chalk Talk. Frankly, I could care less why certain fans from certain schools think we cheated our way into the Orange Bowl.

Guess what? Kansas is in the Orange Bowl, and Missouri isn't. I could care less about how we got there and why they didn't, we live in a results-driven world and the end result is Kansas is in a BCS bowl and Moo isn't. I'm still not sure that is completely fair, they did, afterall, kinda-sorta beat us in Arrowhead, but whatever.

In any case, the 17,500 tickets alloted to the Unieversity of Kansas to sell are all sold out. 6 of them are in the hands of me and some of my family members, on the way to our first Kansas game of the year. Yes, I'm more than excited. First time I've ever been to a Bowl Game, first time to a Kansas game in 5+ years, first time for lots of things.

But that isn't the point. The point is that, despite the always-and-forever stereotype of us being a basketball school, we are proving we can support our football program too. I'm expecting record numbers of attendance next season in Memorial Stadium, and that can only be helped by a good performance in the Orange Bowl. Oh, and by the way, we are requesting more tickets. Because apparently not everyone got their hands on one of the 17,500 tickets.

When all is said and done, I bet at least 20,000 Kansas Jayhawk fans are in Dolphin Stadium January 3rd. In fact, I almost guarantee it.