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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Anthony Collins might leave early for the NFL. His nickname is, after all, "Momma's Gotta Eat" and he stated before the season that money is a big reason why he is playing football. Our other starting tackle, RT Cesar Rodriguez, is a senior and is graduating.

Because of this, despite the value of the current backups Matt Darton and Ian Wolfe, we need some depth. So what does Mark Mangino do?

He brings in a 6'7" 310 JUCO commit originally from down under. As in, from Australia.

However, this has little bearing on whether AC is really leaving or not. You take depth if you can get depth, really simple. If AC leaves, it will be really nice to have a JUCO transfer come in and provide some depth. If AC stays, we can coach D'Cunha up to have him replace AC next season. Ian Wolfe is slotted in to replace Rodriguez at RT, but if AC takes the $$$ we are left without a surefire starter at LT. Darton could be the guy, but so could D'Cunha or a handful of other guys.

Great signing by Mangino.

Oh, and in other recruiting news, another scholarship has been opened up. Jamaal Johnson, a WR prospect from Texas, didn't qualify academically for the University of Kansas, and his scholarship has therefore been pulled. This may be a blessing in disguise, we can take on another WR now, one who may be more talented who wasn't interested back in July.

More on the basketball game tonight/tomorrow...