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How Sweet Revenge Can Be

Just to preface, I don't hate the Cornhuskers. I don't. I often root against them, they aren't my favorite team in the world, but there is no hate involved between me and Nebraska.

But my, oh my, did it feel good to send them packing on the wrong side of a blowout. Too many times have they come into Memorial Stadium, turned it into a pro-Nebraska crowd, blow Kansas out of the water and leave. Way too many times. I'm talking 70-0, 52-0, 63-10, 56-0, 59-23. All of those scored were played in Lawrence, and won by the Cornhuskers.

So, it was awfully nice to turn on FSN Saturday morning to a Memorial Stadium packed, this time with the vast majority of the 50,000+ in attendance wearing blue shirts. But even nicer was the play on the field, at least while our offense was out there. Our defense, especially in the first half, was a different story, but we will get to the negativity later on.

The game started, with us taking the ball and punting it away 3 plays later. The usual (more on that later on too). But this time, Nebraska takes the field, drives the necessary 45 yards and scores a TD. Same old Nebraska-Kansas. Despite the enormous struggles of Nebraska and wild success of Kansas, the Cornhuskers has won 37 of 38 against the Jayhawks.

But then our offense got the ball. And they scored a TD. And then they got the ball again; and scored a TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD. And again; and another TD.

This is how our 15 drives went:

15:00 1 01:32 KU 20 3 4 Punt
08:57 1 02:19 KU 32 7 68 Passing Touchdown
04:47 1 01:31 KU 50 6 50 Rushing Touchdown
02:41 1 01:41 KU 38 5 62 Passing Touchdown
00:00 1 04:26 KU 30 10 74 Rushing Touchdown
09:37 2 01:07 KU 39 4 61 Passing Touchdown
06:43 2 04:00 KU 38 13 62 Rushing Touchdown
02:11 2 00:55 KU 19 3 19 Passing Touchdown
00:05 2 00:05 KU 38 1 -2 null
11:31 3 03:14 KU 43 8 44 Passing Touchdown
07:20 3 01:35 KU 23 5 23 Passing Touchdown
04:45 3 01:11 KU 30 4 30 Rushing Touchdown
03:04 3 05:01 KU 29 11 37 Field Goal Missed
12:47 4 01:35 KU 38 5 38 Rushing Touchdown
04:16 4 04:16 KU 27 6 16 End of Game

Discounting the relatively meaningless one play "drive" the final 5 seconds of the first half, we scored on 11 straight possessions.

11. Straight. Possessions.

That is how you score 76 points.

Some quick thoughts on the trouncing of the Huskahs.

  • Todd Reesing is really, really good. Like really good. Some might even use the word 'superstar'. He doesn't just make throws when he has time to sit back and pick defenses apart, but he can. He doesn't just scamper off and run for a first down once he sees an opening, but he can. He doesn't just 'gunsling' the ball around, hoping that at the end of the day, the good outweighs the bad. But he can. What makes Reesing so good is what makes the entire team so good, and in a big way Reesing embodies the entire team. He is under-appreciated, underrated, overlooked. He doesn't have a glaring weakness, nothing to point to and stake a claim on why he is overlooked. Yet here he is, putting up Heisman-caliber numbers and here we are, legitimate national title contenders.
  • I've said it before and I will say it again, Dezmon Briscoe is our best receiver right now. Hands down. His blocking isn't as good as either Dexton Fields or Marcus Henry, but in terms of actually getting open and, once open, catching the football he is the best. 3 TD's is a very impressive performance, and the one at the end of the first half was quite a move.
  • The story of Brandon McAnderson will be played up quite a bit nationally once (there, I said it) we get to a BCS bowl. They have hour long pregame shows to talk about one game, so nice stories like BMac's always get thrown in. His story is really cool, too. Hardly recruited out of high school, he only came to Kansas on scholarship because he was teammates with Mark Mangino's son and Mangino saw him play every game of his senior year. So we recruited him and he came; as a linebacker. He then went and moved to special teams, becoming a solid player there for 2 years. Then, last season, he became the kinda-sorta goal line back for Jon Cornish, and he put up decent stats. But now, here he is, a hardly recruited FB/LB out of high school rushing for 4 TD's in one game against a defense loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits. Not to mention the fact that he is the leading rusher for the #4 team in the country.
  • Our defense played like crap yesterday, and it is really inexcusable. So, naturally, I am going to make excuses for them. First off, this shows how good of a defensive coordinator Bill Young is. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. Yesterday, Joe Ganz made his first career collegiate start. There is very little film out there that showed what kind of QB he was, very little that showed what we could attack as a defense. So, Bill Young had little to scheme for. You can't scheme for what you don't know. We played very vanilla schemes in the first half, mostly base defenses with little-to-no pressure brought almost every down, and he played pretty well. Very well, actually, I was majorly impressed. But then, in the second half, with just a half of 'film' (live film, that is) on the fresh QB, Young devised some decent enough schemes to 'limit' the Cornhuskers to only 15 points in the second half. The last 8 don't really count, either, because of the situation. So, really, the defense doesn't really worry me. What will worry me is if we play like this next week down in Stillwater, because the Cowboys have a much more potent offense, as we all know following last season's beatdown in Lawrence.

More to come later on tonight on the fresh, new BCS ratings and our serious national title hopes.

Our upcoming game against Okie State is a big one, really big, and one that scares me more than any other has so far this season. I will spend more time than usual taking a look ahead, and less on taking a look back to the 76-39 bundle of fun yesterday's game turned out to be. Starting Tuesday we will break down the Cowboys, 2 days earlier than normal.