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Open Game Thread: Game #9 Nebraska (4-4) @ #8 Kansas (8-0)

Is Nebraska for real?

No one else we have played is truly a competitive team, or so I have been told, and that doesn't figure to change on Saturday when the struggling Nebraska Cornhuskers come to town. That brings up the question, when will we play an opponent considered 'for real'. Do we ever retroactively benefit from the quality wins on the road in Manhattan and Boulder, even if they didn't look hot at the moment? All of these questions are good ones, but really it all comes down to one, simple truth. Win. All we can control are the final 4-6 games we play, we win those and that is all that matters.

Who: Nebraska 4-5 (1-4) AT Kansas 8-0 (4-0)
When: 11:30 AM Central
Where: Memorial Stadium (50,071)

TV: FSN -- Nationally Televised
Preview: KC Star
Blogosphere: Corn Nation

10 and a half hours to game time...