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Keys to the Game: Nebraska Cornhuskers

I am going to merge the 'Predictions' section into this post at the end. It'll be good...

Key #1: Run. The. Ball.

I know that Ed Warriner loves him some passing, and it is awfully hard to say 'no' to Todd Reesing, I'm sure. But Nebraska can't stop the run, at all, and we have two really, really good running backs. Solution? RUN THE BALL! I promise, it will be the right decision, and looking back at it on Monday it will look mighty fine.

After last week's tremendous output, Brandon McAnderson deserves the majority of the carries, but as long as someone is handing the ball off to somebody I will be happy.

Key #2: Don't Overlook the Huskers

That looks just silly typing that. They have beaten us 38 or the last 39 times (or something like that), yet here we sit, afraid of us overlooking them. In any case, I'm not all that worried about this. Mark Mangino always gets his teams ready to play, and he will have plenty of ammo to unload at the team this week, plenty of the same stuff that media-types (I'm looking at you, Lee Corso) will use as reasons for why we will lose.

Only two keys this week, if we follow those two we will win.



* Both Jake Sharp and Brandon McAnderson will top 100 yards rushing.
* Todd Reesing will throw for only 180 yards, but will run for 80 and score 3 TD's.
* Our defense will shut them out in the first half; and only give up 10 points all game.
* We win the turnover battle, 2 to 1. Our one turnover is a INT off a deflection.
* At least one team in front of us loses (it is guaranteed), and we move up to #6 in the BCS polls.
* Kansas wins, 31-10.