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5 Questions With: Corn Nation

Sorry for getting this out late, my entire week has been late, I know. Next week should be better...

Thanks to Jon for anwering my questions, and giving me some questions of my own to answer. It was much appreciated.

For my responses to his questions, head on over to Corn Nation and say 'Hi!'.

1) What is the biggest problem with this season's team? Is it
coaching, is it the horrendous play of the defense, is it iffy QB play?


2) Going into the season, Nebraska was the odds-on favorite to win the Big 12 North. What has happened since then to cause the Huskers to plummet to the bottom half of the division?

Okay, so #1 and #2 are tied together.

If I had to put it down to a single item, it was that too much
emphasis was put on the USC game. This team really thought they had a chance to compete with a team that was perceived as one of the nation's best. When the Husker defensive line and linebacking corps were destroyed by USC, it crushed the psyche of this team.

It's shown our defensive coordinator to be a complete boob as he hasn't done anything to bring the defense back from the depths of hell. His name is Kevin Cosgrove. Remember it so that when he's hired by one of your favorite teams you can count on them going in the tank.

It's become clear that Bill Callahan is poor at handling things when they go bad. He strikes you as one of those managers who'll close the door to his office and stop communicating when a project goes bad. People are looking for direction, for advice on what to do to make things work, go better, and the manager is sitting there with his face stuck in a piece of paper. People hate that type of manager because as they're supposed to be leading they prove themselves to be
gutless and narcissistic.

3) Amidst all of the negativity surrounding the team following the USC game, what has been the brightest spot on this season's team?

That there's only three games left? That we have Nebraska basketball
to look forward to? That much-hated athletic director Steve Pederson was fired?

Oh, the team. No question that the play of our young running backs Castile and Helu has been a bright spot. They both have a bright future at Nebraska. We have good football players. They're not playing well.

4) Assuming Bill Callahan is fired following the season, who do you want to replace him? Would you back a return to the sidelines by Tom Osborne, or would you prefer long, lost son Bo Pelini?

I don't want Osborne on the sidelines for any reason other than being a supporter or interim athletic director of the program. He's solidified his legacy as one of the greatest coaches and it's time for Nebraska to find someone who can carry the program forward while adhering to the principles that make it "Nebraska football".

I'm not sure I have a favorite guy, in fact, we have a lot of fan
discussion going on in Corn Nation's diaries about who people would like as the next head coach. I wouldn't mind Bo Pelini - he's a fiery, defensive-minded coach. People loved him in the single year that he was at Nebraska, so you'd get an energy around the program.

It wouldn't bother me to see Turner Gill leave Buffalo and come back. He is a solid person and coaching at Nebraska begins there.

I don't think either of these guys will be at Nebraska next season. I expect it to be someone we know little about.

5) How well do you expect QB Joe Ganz to play?

Ganz has been in Bill Callahan's system for a few years now. He's had ample time to learn it's complexity (the 973-page playbook we've all heard so much about). He's more athletic than Sam Keller, so he can
make some plays with his feet. I was disgusted that we hadn't see Ganz play earlier in the season, but Callahan stuck with Keller to a fault.

I expect Joe Ganz to play well. I expect that the rest of this
Nebraska team will play better because Ganz is a junior and there's a good chance that no matter who our coach is next year, he'll be the starter.

If there is one thing for Husker fans to get excited about today,
it's Joe Ganz starting at quarterback.

6) Bonus Question: Give us a score prediction...

I did predictions earlier in the week. I picked Nebraska to win based upon the fact that I'd finally replaced the battery in my '94 championship watch that I haven't worn all season. That'll get that mojo workin' again:

Nebraska 42
Kansas 41, overtime

Thanks again to Jon over at Corn Nation for answering my questions.