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'Thursday' Night Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers

All-Time History: Nebraska V. Kansas

For the past 40 or so years, this matchup has been ugly for the Jayhawks. No other way to say it. All-Time history-wise, Nebraska has 88 wins agsint us. We only have 22 wins, with 3 ties mixed in for fun. The last time we won was 1968, that is before our breakthrough victory of 2005. The last time we won in Lincoln? 1967. In any case, these two teams are without a doubt heading in opposite directions. Starting this year, we have a chance to start a streak of our own.

Last Time Out: Nebraska 39 Kansas 32 (OT)

A depressing game, all together, with Adam Barmann almost leading us to victory in Lincoln. Yet, turnovers killed us and the Cornhuskers came out victorious in the extra period.

...But What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Corn's defense sucks. Especially against the run. If you need any more proof, watch the fourth quarter of the Texas-Nebraska game from last Saturday. Jamaal Charles ran for 213 yards and 3 TD's in the 4th quarter alone, and we shouldn't get too cute. Their passing defense isn't great, but their running defense is absolutely pathetic, and I feel better running the ball than throwing it anyways.

Regarding their offense, nobody knows how it will turn out with new starting QB Joe Ganz. He has thrown all of 4 passes all season long, but you have to figure it can't get any better than the offense led by Sam Keller. It figures to put up a decent fight, sure, but our offense is insane right now and the Corn's offense isn't as good as A&M's.

Wow, that was horrible. I said nothing insightful. Oh well, the facts are out and everyone knows of them now. At least that is good...