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Kansas to the Fiesta Bowl?

Well, according to this article in the Dallas Morning News, we are going to the Fiesta Bowl regardless of what happens in Sunday night's Big 12 Championship Game.

Since Saturday night's depressing loss, a loss that we will get into in more depth in the next couple of days, I have floated bowl possibilities through my head. In my mind, it was really simple. Either we would go to a BCS bowl, almost certainly the Fiesta, if Misery beats Oklahoma or we would go to the Cotton Bowl (maybe the Gator) if Oklahoma beats Misery.

Really simple.

But I was wrong. If Boomer Sooner wins, they are guaranteed to head to Tempe for the Fiesta. But, according to Chip Brown and his sources, the Fiesta Bowl representatives would choose a Kansas team over Kansas because of the obvious reason; MU would have already played OU twice (and lost both times). The real debate, in this case, would be Kansas vs. Arizona State. There would be people on both sides of the argument, but when you break it down they are very similar teams. We will get more in-depth, but neither played a very difficult schedule, neither has a big win to speak of, and neither has been embarrassed.

The difference is KU's one loss to AZ State's two, but all three losses have been to top-tier teams.

Merits aside, Brown says that the Fiesta would pick Kansas because it would create more $$$$ for the surrounding area, AZ State fans already live around the area and wouldn't (for the most part) fly in or stay in hotels while in the Phoenix area. Kansas fans, on the other hand, would.

In any case, this seriously calls into question my previous stance on the Misery-Boomer Sooner contest. I have previously stated that I do want Moo to win, it would make our loss better and, frankly, I think it would greatly benefit the entire Big 12 North.

But it is Moo, so I don't know.

More on the hoops team later tonight, who are winning 38-19 right now in a game against Florida Atlantic, who is coached by ex-Jayhawk Rex Walters.