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I'm Proud to Be a Jayhawk

We lost.

Just like everyone else in college football, save the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii, someone beat us. I finally, for the first time in my life, know what it is like to lose a college football game that means so much. I know what it means to control your own destiny for a trip to the National Title game, and lose.

It's a tough feeling. But just the mere fact that we were there, just the opportunity to control our own destiny is enough progress for one year. We didn't go to a bowl game last year, barely qualifying at 6-6. This year, we are heading into the postseason stage of college football at 11-1, a trip to the Cotton Bowl or better all but wrapped up.

We lost to a better team tonight, the best team in the country right now. It's OK. Next year, we might be the better team. That is yet to be determined.

One thing I do know, however, is that this team is still relatively young. We will return almost everyone on our defense, James McClinton is a senior and Aqib Talib might leave early for the NFL, and our offense only loses 3 starters (WR Marcus Henry, TE Derek Fine and RT Cesar Rodriguez).

Much more on this game tomorrow and throughout the coming weeks, we have nothing else to talk about until our bowl assignment, but for now enjoy the season. Yes, we lost, I know. But the Kansas Jayhawks are 11-1 and just completed the greatest season in this schools' history.

Enjoy it.