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7.5 Hours Until Gametime

Sorry for the lack of previewing, I have been quite busy with the family and all that jazz as of late. It is Thanksgiving, afterall. However, I am all yours, the reader, today, as there is one thing to do today. Wait for Kansas-Misery, then watch aforementioned Border War between #2 and #3 team in AP. The biggest game of the year.

Before we get to anything else, time for a cold, hard truth. Speaking in terms of talent, in terms of athletic ability, in terms of 40 times and vertical leaps, Misery has us beat. We aren't as far behind as Tiger fans will have you believe, but we are, in fact, behind. That will change in another year or two, Mangino's recruiting classes continue to get better and better, but as of right now, Misery has the better athletes.

Now, better athletes does not mean better team. Our calling card, especially of our defense, is playing together as a team. We are one of the most disciplined defenses in the country, if not THE most disciplined, and rarely make mistakes. The opportunistic qualities on this defense are unmatched across the country, and while Misery has played better players on defense across the board, except for James McClinton and Aqib Talib who are All-American talents, they haven't played a better team defense. All year.

OK, plenty more posts like this coming out throughout the day, incoherent ramblings that are a product of anxiety. And nervousness.

I wish this game would start already...