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LSU Just Lost and Armageddon at Arrowhead Just Got Bigger

LSU just lost for the second time this season, just another Top 5 team to lose to an unranked team. The list is just way too long right now, and another Top 5 team will inevitably lose tomorrow night when #2 Kansas takes on #4 Misery in Arrowhead Stadium. Oh, yea, that game.

That game, the game that was already billed as the game of the season, just got bigger. The stakes were just raised, the winner will become the #1 team in the country. The winner will become the actual favorite to win the MNC, assuming that the winner will take care of business the following week in San Antonio. Of course, in this season of wasn't-supposed-to-happens, nothing can be assumed. Nothing. Not Michigan at home against a 1-AA opponent, not a 41 point favorite in USC over Stanford, nothing.

This season is so weird, people will actually be rooting against Kansas or Misery in a conference championship to continue this chaotic season; the Jayhawks and Tigers becoming the latest targets in a season-long adventure to take down as many Top 5 teams as possible.

Basically, LSU's second loss in 3 OT just made the biggest Kansas-Misery game in the history of the world even bigger; the biggest game of the season even bigger. The winner will become the #1 team in the country, and nobody will really complain. If the winner goes on to win in San Antonio, they will be the favorite to win the National Championship game.

Re-read that last sentence. Kansas or Misery, whoever emerges victorious in Saturday night's classic, will be favored to win the National Championship game. As in, no one will necessarily be shocked if, when all is said and done, Kansas or Misery will be holding that crystal football.

At least after everything else that has gone on so far this season.

More on the game later, I am heading off to the second session of the Anaheim Classic. FUN FUN FUN!

Editor's Note: Also, don't forget to watch College Gameday tomorrow morning from Arrowhead Stadium. I am going to get up at 7 AM to watch it, you can get up at 9.